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Method to Paint Coffee Painting

Numerous articles on have previously been written about various art techniques and their history, significance, use, and various other related matters. Today, we're going to introduce an unique and uncommon artistic method. Indian artist Sudha Prakash has been utilising this method for years to produce some amazing works of art. The unique art technique is Painting with Coffee.Coffee Painting Technique
Credit to @rocksheat
Coffee is a common brewed beverage that has a dark hue, a bitter flavour, and a mildly acidic character. Everywhere in the world can get it. Arabica, Robusta, Black Coffee, Decaf, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, and more than twenty other varieties of coffee beans are available for making coffee. Before they are roasted and turn brown, coffee beans are red, yellow, and green. Coffee undergoes colour changes throughout the roasting process, going from a vividly coloured cherry to a dark bean. The colour pigment for coffee paintings is this dark brownish coffee shade.
We can extract colour from coffee beans or powders, but there is no specific procedure for doing so, and there are no commercially available coffee bean derived colour pigments that conform to any standard. As a result, different artists who work with coffee paint may employ various procedures to bind the colour pigment. Our artist Sudha Prakash mixes fevicol, lukewarm water, and instant coffee powder to create the colour pigment for paintings. A thick, lump-free paste can be created by combining instant coffee powder with a few drops of the adhesive fevicol, lukewarm water, and long periods of steering. The ratio of the coffee powder to the fevicol and water solution will determine the colour tone of the paste.
Even after colour binding, the colour pigments used in coffee art are proven to be entirely non-toxic. Because water and Fevicol, a non-toxic glue from Pidilite, are employed as the pigment's binder. Since coffee is used to make the painting pigment, it almost has the same properties as water colour. As a result, it dries rapidly. To produce better paintings with coffee, the artist needs to have a solid working knowledge of water colour painting techniques.
Despite the fact that the coffee art paintings are identical to a water colour, it only comes in one basic brownish colouration. Different tones of the same brown colour can be found by varying the concentration of coffee powder, and these shades can be used to create beautiful paintings that are sometimes even better than water colours.
The coffee painting can be utilised on papers in addition to canvas, just like acrylic and water colour paintings.
Additionally, because of the surface structure and materials used in their development, painting with coffee on canvas surfaces last more longer. However, a coffee art paintings on paper can also produce vibrant colour tones.
Even without additional protection like a glass covering, the coffee art will last a very long time. A coffee artwork that has been hanging on the wall of Sudha Prakash's Art Gallery for five years is still there. It can even endure a few more years with careful handling. Artist Sudha Prakash believes that acrylic spray varnish can be used as a thin protective layer to extend the lifespan of paintings made with coffee. The paintings should also be kept away from dust, water sprinkling, and direct sunlight.
Sudha Prakash is a self-taught Indian Artist. She is currently producing amazing works of art in the medias of oil, acrylic, and coffee painting. She also works as an art instructor. Her artworks are heavily influenced by her love of nature. She also runs online art class for the age group of 5 years to adults.  Her artworks are exhibitted national as well as international exhibitions, some of these are

1. 6th Feb 2020, "Nature my teacher" - Solo painting exhibition in Chitrakala Parishath, Karnataka .
2. 6th Nov 2020, "Soul Space" Group art show in Swedon.
3. 8th Nov 2021, Annual Maitree Utsav,organised by Onkkon Art Studio at Chitrakala Parishad, Karnataka
4. 5th Mar 2022, "Bhav Abhivyakti' art exhibition organized by Nirvana Art Foundation at Venkatappa art gallery.

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Writer: Editor in association with Artist Sudha Prakash
Publish Date: 16/07/2022
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