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Color Pencil, Color Wax Art Pigments and Art Methods

Color Pencil sketch is a part of Pencil Sketching, which is gaining respect among artists, galleries, and collectors.

Similar to the Pencil Sketching, there is no known history of color pencil sketching. But we have seen many artists get influenced by this type of paintings, those were CJ Hendry, Marco Mazzoni, Veronica Winters etc. Also there is a record of using oldest known color pencil sketching by Johann Sebastian Staedtler around 1834 AD.
Color Pencil Sketching Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @remy
Ordinary colored pencils are not the same as artistic colored pencils. Regular color pencil have less wax and pigment than professional art crayons. Colors that are truly rich, deep, and luminous are produced by artistic quality pencils. It's possible that the finished painting will be much smooth and colorful that it will look like a complete painting.
Colored pencils allow artists to add precision and detail to their sketches while also creating vibrant artworks. When compared to other painting materials, colored pencils are inexpensive and simple to use.
Artists can smooth colored wax or pigments using mixed solvents and brushes, apply color layers to remove formed lines, and darken, smooth, and lighten the entire image.
Although color pencil sketching can be done on different surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, clay etc., but the paper, which is by far the most popular choice among colored pencil artists. Specially the acid free papers, appropriate texture and weight will makes the final artwork more vibrant.
Colored pencils can be used to color drawings with light strokes to bring out the colors on the paper, or they can be used to create continuous layers of numerous color layers. Because crayons are essentially a dry material, and the drying time is negligible. Professional color pencil artists focus on various aspects while painting with color pencils such as Layer Colors, Pencil Pressure, Quality of medium, and most importantly if they use papers they greatly focus on paper texture and weight. For multiple layer blending Rough paper is used, for textured finish medium grain paper or cold press or vellum paper is used and for fine and detailed colors hot press, plate or fine grain paper is used. Moreover heavy weight paper is used for blending with solvents or combining your pencils with wet media.
The artists colored pencils are made up of the color pigments blended by the wax, oil or resin, therefore it is also non-toxic, but sometimes it is found containing beeswax or casein glue (an adhesive binder based on animal proteins) to blend the color pigment and so it is not always the vegan friendly. But pencils like Faber Castell Polychromos, certain Derwent pencils are found as vegan friendly.

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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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Most Asked Questions:

  • Q. Explain the difference between Color Pencil and Pencil Sketch ?
  • Answer: In Sketching a pencil is handled nearly like a brush, resulting in a paint like effect ......, On the other hand, Color Pencil sketch is a part of Pencil .... Know More

  • Q. Where can I buy Color Pencil (on Canvas) without commission?
  • Answer: If you are looking for best Color Pencil for commission free purchase, you can check here.

  • Q. How to sell Color Pencil online?
  • Answer: If you are looking for best place to exhibit and selling Color Pencil , you can try GranNino. GranNino provides free art exhibition and commission free art selling.

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