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Sand Art, Sculptures and Sand Paintings

Sand Painting, a dry painting made by pouring colored sands, powdered pigments onto a surface.

Sand painting is a very old painting technique that is linked to a variety of cultural rituals all around the world, for example the most famous native American Navajo tribe sand paintings. The painting is destroyed after the rite is performed, hence there is no exact evidence of sand paintings. However, the majority of them are still used by people or are mentioned in old literature. Tim Bengel and Kseniya Simonova are two well-known painters who have been influenced by the painting method.
Painting with Sand, Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @balajivara
The medium used for sand painting is naturally available everywhere. Powdered tempera paints in a variety of colors, Sand (from the beach or playground), Other dry materials like Paper and some binding adhesives like glues are the common and easily available substances , which are used for sand paintings.
Sand Painting, also known as dry painting, is a type of painting that involves pouring colored sands, powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, or pigments from other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to create a fixed or unfixed sand painting.

Sand painting requires extreme accuracy and control over the hand's movement. You'll need a lot of practice and patience to sand paint. Sand painting allows you to produce colorful and impressive artwork either on fixed or unfixed medium.
Sand Paintings on paper media, with colored sand grains and glues are most common now a days. Such paintings provides stunning looks to any landscape paintings with a impressive three dimensional and glossy behavior.
In ancient times, the sand painting was done for some rituals only by some specific communities on unfixed medium. But in modern times the sand art is framed on fixed medium, like paper media with glues , and covered inside a transparent glass to keep it inside. Sand Painting allows to produce impressive and colorful artworks.
As mentioned earlier, the sand paint is a dry media and can be used on any fixed or unfixed surface. Unfixed surfaces like beach or temporary event surface and glass is used for event or ritual based sand arts. On the other hand, fixed glass, hard plastic board, canvas, wood or hard paper is used as fixed surface for sand paintings. The best part of the sand painting is the realistic three dimensional interpretation of any object. Which makes the sand painting technique unique from other types of paintings. Also due to use of naturally available sand or quartz, the sand paintings lasts longer. Only issue with sand painting is that it requires extreme accuracy and control over hand movements along with patience and practice.

Modern artists use oxidized and mineral-charged colored sands, as well as powdered charcoal and, in certain cases, unique materials like iron filings or abandoned stone dust from ecclesiastical sites, to expand the palette. Other artists use a new generation of strong adhesives and commercial colored quartz sands that can withstand intemperance action. It should be worth to mention that the sand also can be used for sculpting works as part of sensory play.
The major ingredients of sand art may not be toxic but additives may have some toxicity, and so should keep at distance from the reachness of children, also be careful while handling sand it may cause skin irritation as well as can harm eyes.

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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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