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Digital Painting, its usefulness and importance

Digital Paintings, a Computer Art or Multimedia Art is a modern artistic work or technique that uses digital technology.

Starting of the digital paintings was recorded from 1960s. When a paint program was integrated to the modern computer system in early 1980. At that time the digital painting or digital art was named as Computer Art or Multimedia Art. The first digital art was Young Nude (1966) , which was transformed to pixel form by graphics specialist Kenneth C. Knowlton. Name of some famous painters who used the painting technique was David McLeod, Stephen Mcmennamy, Alberto Seveso etc.
Digital Painting Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @charasarts
You can create stunning artworks with digital painting since you have the ability to choose from a variety of tools and features. Different painting tools (software) are now available, all of them are available for free or for a fee. The tools and service options vary based on the software's price and technology, as well as the platforms (Operating Systems) on which it runs. Some most common software are Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Rebelle, Procreate etc.
Digital art is a type of modern art that uses mass production techniques or digital technology. As a result, the media uses digital painting techniques in commercials and filmmakers use them to generate visual effects.

One of the best things about digital painting is that you may make changes to the painting without damaging the final product.
Digital art or paintings are created on a computer and saved as file extensions such as.PSD,.PDF, XCF, or.BMP. As a result, they may be reprinted on a variety of materials, including canvas, clothing, and hard paper. Nowadays, specially built (CNC) spray painting machines are utilized to make large paints in a matter of minutes, based on previously drawn digital paintings.
Digital art, unlike conventional painting techniques, can only be created on a computer system. However, using various printing medias, the finished product can be printed on any desired surface, such as paper, wood, wall, tiles, canvas, metal, and so on.
Because it is saved as a digital file on computers and can be copied easily to anybody using various storage devices, the painting is practically indestructible by the effects of environmental variables such as humidity, sunshine, and so on.

Although digital painting has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages, such as the potential to be accurately duplicated, the need for extensive knowledge of the software used for digital painting as well as artistic imagination, and the fact that a large number of people do not consider digital painting products to be real paintings.
Digital painting is created digitally using digital color codes with painting softwares and applications, so it is obvious these types of paintings are not toxic. But if it is printed on flex or in banner size on any canvas material then the printing ink is very toxic, as it is made up of petroleum. If you are very concious not to use non vegan things or paintings, digital paintings or its printed canvas both are vegan friendly.

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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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