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All about Pencil Sketching and Pencils for Artists

In Sketching a pencil is handled nearly like a brush, resulting in a paint like effect

There is no known history of pencil sketching. But we have seen many artists get influenced by this type of paintings, those were Adonna Khare, Marco Mazzoni, Diego Fazio etc. Also there is a record of using oldest known pencil sketching by Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti around 1560 AD.
Pencil Sketching Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @mahiprasad
Although all pencils provide gray scale and shady color, but most commonly known pencils used for sketching is either Graphite or Charcoal pencil. Graphite pencils come in a variety of grades and are ideal for more complex drawings that demand finer detail. Charcoal is great for sketching and getting those very dark values, but it's a lot deeper and rougher than graphite, and it's a bit more prone to smudge. Moreover for thin lines , sometimes mechanical pencils are also used.
The potential of the graphite pencil to create a realistic and detailed sketch is widely recognised. The graphite pencil's smudging abilities will allow to add in-depth perspective and beautify the artwork.
Depending on the pencils and their smudging abilities the pencil sketching give rises to many different types of art forms commonly known as Graphite Art, Doodle Art, Charcoal Paintings and Optical illusions like anamorphic illusion or 3D art etc.
Although sketching can be done on different surfaces depending on the smudging abilities of the pencils, but Paper is the most common surface for pencil sketching. Specially the cotton made archival papers like Stonehenge paper, Artagain Papers, Illustration board, Suede board, Mat board,, Cartridge Papers, Bristol Papers, Pastel Papers, Hot-pressed papers etc. Are commonly used by artists for Pencil Sketching.
Nowadays, the ability to quickly record impressions through sketching has a variety of applications. In product design fields like industrial design, sketching is sometimes employed as a means of communication. It may be used to create floor plans for any type of area.

A professional pencil sketch artist often choose those pencils for sketching which are break-resistant, less shining, easily sharpened, smooth, consistent and light. Some good brands for such pencils are Derwent , Prismacolor, Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch Pencil, Staedtler, Conte Pencil, General Pencil ,Mont Marte Woodless, Winsor and Newton Willow Charcoal etc.
A graphite pencil or sketch pencil is made up of graphite leads and wood or plastic. Graphite pencils and its products, such as croquis sketches and portrait pencil sketches, are poisonous because graphite is a toxic material. They are entirely vegan-friendly, though.

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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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