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Difference Between Encaustic and Spray Paint Painting

The Encaustic painting which is also known as hot melted wax painting, is a method of making artworks by utilizing a heated encaustic media to which colored pigments have been added, its qualities resembles to the oil painting as the wax has similar properties like the oil.
In ancient Greek and Roman painting, encaustic painting was a popular technique. The word "encaustic" comes from the Greek word "enkaustikos," which meaning "to heat or burn." The Roman scholar Pliny the Elder explained the wax encaustic painting technique in his first-century book Natural History. The Egyptian Romano-Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits, painted between 100 - 300 AD, are the oldest Encaustic panel paintings still in existence. Jasper Johns, Pausias and Benjamin Calau are the name of some famous artists that uses the art medium for their artworks.

On the other hand, Most spray paints are oil-based, and they last longer than latex paint (water based paints). Spray painting is a fast drying oil based painting technique to spray coating material such as paint, ink, varnish onto a painting surface.
Spray painting is a modern painting technique.
In the early 1880s, it was utilized on the South Pacific Railroad. Some well-known spray painting artists are Bansky, JeanMichel Basquiat, and Shepard Fairey. In 1949, Edward Seymour invented a spray paint that could be applied using compressed air in a can.
The most basic encaustic media can be made by blending colors with waxes like beeswax and damar resin, as well as other ingredients. Dried powdered pigments can be used for pigmentation, while some artists prefer to use colored wax, inks, oil paints, or other forms of pigmentation.

On the contrary, Aerosol paint is often used as a medium in the spray painting technique. Aerosol paint is stored in a can in a highly compressed state. Volatile hydrocarbons such as propane, n butane, and isobutane, as well as oil-based color pigments, are common constituents in aerosol paints. Spray paint cans are composed of Aluminum to make them more robust.
Because they are based on oil or wax, encaustic paint and its products are entirely waterproof. Despite being formed by melting on heat, it can withstand sunlight. Additionally, even if it is in the sun all day, it does not fade, although it is recommended to keep the painting in normal temperature. The paint has the consistency of translucent clay. When it's hot, it may be applied like liquid paint, but when it cools, it solidifies, allowing you to cut, carve, stamp, or even sculpt it, giving the painting a 3D effect.

But, The spray paint is most likely to be waterproof because it is oil based. The water in the paint also rapidly evaporates as it is sprayed, leaving a flexible acrylic layer behind. Artists are able to repaint without bleeding and produce the appearance of a laminated surface since the color is stable and permanent. But if a UV protection coating isn't placed to the painting, it won't be able to withstand sunshine and could fade.
Because encaustic wax shares many qualities with oil paints, it may provide a very glossy and appealing effect, as well as a wide range of possibilities for elegant and expressive artworks. The Encaustic wax can be sculpted and coated, glued, or layered into the encaustic medium because it is thermally malleable. Although Encaustic wax has many of the same characteristics as oil paint, it dries much faster, therefore the colors don't bleed into one another.

In opposition, Paintings made with spray paint can be flexible, resilient, and toned in a variety of colors. Spray brushes, spray cans, spray booths, and spray guns are used to apply the paint. In comparison to encaustic painting and traditional brush paint, spray paint dries more quickly.
Encaustic is typically used to wood, plaster or canvas surfaces since it is a molten, heated wax. It should have a matte finish. The canvas might stretch over time and the painting can become cracked and destroyed, some artists utilise canvas for encaustic paintings, so wood is the best known surface media for encaustic painting. Actually, encaustic wax should be painted on a solid but porous surface that allows it to penetrate and make a stunning, solid foundation for a painting.

Although, Spray paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application on non-porous materials like poster board, wood, glass, metal etc. Graffiti artist uses spray paint for making Street Art as well as Graffiti art on interior and exterior of buildings, trains, etc., as opposed to more traditional art surfaces. Spray paint is dispensed as mist that is easily applied to a variety of surfaces. Spray painting is traditionally used on surfaces such as billboards. For being oil based spray paints are found to be superior rust proofing for metal surface.
In the encaustic technique, hot wax is applied in layer to laminated wood panels to produce opaque or translucent results. For various finishes, each of these layers can also be modified by scraping, texturing, or polishing.
Encaustic paintings has many advantages, but there are some disadvantages also. For example, the Encaustic painting needs a heat lamp or heat gun to fuse and bind the medium. Along this, Encaustic paintings should be kept strictly on normal temperature, should avoid direct sunlight, also routinely buffed the paintings within 6 - 12 months using soft lint free clothes like pantyhose.

Instead, Spray painting is excellent for creating multi-layered artworks since it dries faster than other types of painting. It is even more useful for short painting projects because it may be used on pre-shaped frames. However, the painted layers of a spary painting cannot be modified simply, thus the artist must be very talented and experienced. Spray painting like graffiti art is typically seen to be exposed to sunlight all day long, however because of the UV resistant coating, it lasts longer.
The most of encaustic paintings are totally safe to use because they are formed of color pigments and wax as a binder. Additionally, the acrylic wax used in encaustic paint to bind the pigments makes it suitable for vegans. Beeswax, for example, is an animal-extracted wax, so it cannot be utilised in vegan products. So the wax used to hold the pigment together is a factor.

Yet, Spray paint is a toxic painting media. Spray painting should be done in open space or a well-ventilated environment. Furthermore, it contains volatile hydrocarbons, which enhance the risk of cache fires and are not good for breathing. As an oil based spray paint, mineral like spirit is required to clean hands or exterior surfaces. Petrochemicals and synthetic materials are used to make the spray paints. As a result, they are all completely vegan friendly
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Encaustic Painting
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Spray Painting

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