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Difference Between Tempera paint vs Spray Paint

Tempera is a water-soluble painting medium used by mixing color pigments to the egg yolk. Tempera resembles some characteristics of both water and oil due to the use of organic protein (egg yolk) and the fact that it is based on water.
This Painting is also known as egg tempera. can be traced back to the 1st century BC, when it was used to decorate Egyptian sarcophagi. This paint was used to create high-quality art in Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh, India, from the late fourth to the tenth centuries. It is also used by artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Duccio, and Carlo Crivelli in the majority of their artworks.

On the other hand, Spray painting is a quick drying painting technique used to apply coating materials to a painting surface, such as paint, ink, and varnish. It lasts longer than some other paintings media, although tempera is more duarable as compared to the spray painting.
Spray painting is a modern painting technique. In the early 1880s, it was utilized on the South Pacific Railroad. Some well-known spray painting artists are Bansky, JeanMichel Basquiat, and Shepard Fairey. In 1949, Edward Seymour invented a spray paint that could be applied using compressed air in a can.
Egg yolk is the primary binder for the tempera painting, so it is also called Egg Tempera painting. But now a days, synthetic binders are also used instead of the egg yolk, which are same viscous as the egg yolk. Traditionally, egg yolk was added in proper ratio to the powdered color pigments to make the paint. Sometimes milk and a variety of plant gums also used to make the paint more sticky.

On the contrary, Spray paint is made of oil-based color pigments and volatile hydrocarbons like propane, n-butane, and isobutane. Cans containing compressed aerosol spray paint are common. Aluminum is used to produce spray paint cans so they are more durable. Spray paint is based on oil, and so it is water resistant as well as waterproof.
Since tempera is a water-soluble paint, it has excellent water resistance but is not waterproof. Using viscous fluids like egg yolk makes the art more creamy like, which allows artists to create smooth strokes on canvas and helps to make a uniform painting.It can be applied in thin, semi-opaque or transparent layers.

But, For being oil based and made up of volatile hydrocarbons the spray paint is the most likely to be waterproof but very volatile in nature. It is also not soluble in water. When sprayed, the water in the paint evaporates immediately, leaving a flexible acrylic layer. Because the color is permanent and stable, Artists can repaint without bleeding and create a laminated surface effect.
Spray brushes, spray cans, spray booths, and spray guns are used to apply the paint. Traditional brush paints take longer to dry than spray paint. Spray paint works well on non-porous materials like poster board, wood, glass, and metal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Instead of using more conventional art surfaces, graffiti artists employ spray paint to create Street Art and Graffiti art on the inside and outside of buildings, trains, and other structures. Spray paints that are oil based are discovered to be excellent rust proofing for metal surfaces.
Spray paint is applied to a variety of surfaces easily since it comes out as a mist. Traditionally, spray painting has been employed on billboards and other non-porous surfaces including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, stone, and plastic.
Spray painting is excellent for creating multi-layered artworks since it dries faster than other types of painting. It is even more useful for short painting projects because it may be used on pre-shaped frames. Spray painting is a type of graffiti art.
There are two types of tempera paint, some of which are poisonous and others which are not. Although most tempera paint are non-toxic because they are frequently water soluble, it is important to consider what kind of paint is best for the piece and should be purchased. Contrarily, tempera paint clearly is not vegan since Egg Yoke is its primary ingredient.

Yet, Spray paint is a toxic painting media. Spray painting should be done in open space or a well-ventilated environment. Furthermore, it contains volatile hydrocarbons, which enhance the risk of cache fires and are not good for breathing. As an oil based spray paint, mineral like spirit is required to clean hands or exterior surfaces. Petrochemicals and synthetic materials are used to make the spray paints. As a result, they are all completely vegan friendly
Tempera Paint, Tempera Painting Origin and Painting ideas Credit to @oldpaint
Spray Painting Sketching Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @pinakdey
Spray Painting

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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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