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Difference Between Acrylic and Indian Ink

Acrylic Paint is a fast drying water based paint media used by most artists. Acrylic is the best art media that resembles the quality of both oil as well as watercolor, and sometimes the quality of gouache.
This painting technique was first used by Otto Rohm and introduced around 1934 by Leonard Bocour and Sam Golden. Later it was used by most famous artists like Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Robert Motherwell.

On the other hand, Ink Painting , also known as Indian Ink painting or shui mo hua (Chinese) or ink work is a type of brush painting that uses a deep purple ink with a hint of blue, which looks close to the black color. It has properties similar to watercolor, such as being free-flowing, non-clogging, waterproof, permanent, and fadeless, and it is made entirely of carbon black pigment. One of its unique characteristics is the ability to change the ink grade by changing the pressure and position of the nib within a single brush stroke.
Artist Wang Wei introduced the method of ink painting during the Tang dynasty somewhere between 618 and 907 AD. It prospered during the Shang dynasty (960-1279), and mostly traded with Ancient India. Later in the mid-17th century, when Europe began importing ink from India, that it became known as Indian ink. Zen Buddhist Monks brought the technique to Japan around 1350. During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), ink painting reached its peak of popularity among Japanese artists and calligraphers. The oldest intact brush of the Warring States period (475221 BC) was found in the tomb of the citizens of Chu. The Shanghai School is well known for its modern and contemporary Chinese freehand ink wash painting, and the most representative artists are Wu Changshuo, Pu Hua, Wang Zhen, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong etc.
The acrylic paints are made by suspending pigments in water soluble acrylic resins or acrylic polymer emulsion and plasticizers, silicon oils, defoamers, stabilizers, or metal soaps etc. Interestingly, The acrylic paint is soluble in water but after dried up, it becomes water-resistant.

On the contrary, Indian Ink or the color pigment ink is water resistant and it is formed in a colloidal solution on water, with the water serving as a carrier solution for the pigment. color pigments are produced from a mixture of solid substances, including rocks, metals, minerals, charcoal, and so on. Interestingly, the original Chinese formulation sticks but is not waterproof, whereas the modern elements of the ink include shellac as a binder, making the modern Indian Ink waterproof.
The acrylic paint can resist heat better than other types of paints. The beauty of using acrylic paint lies in its ability to give both transparencies of watercolor and texture of oil paint. Choosing this painting style will give you the benefit of versatility in terms of making art. See here for more acrylic art ideas. Depending on the amount of diluted paints with water, or depending on the acrylic gels or paste density, the same completed acrylic painting might resemble a watercolor, gouache, or oil painting, or have its own distinct features not achievable with other media.

But, India Ink may seem as a blackened purple on the walls, depending on the light source or time of day. Even though the ink provides a less vibrant color, it is more durable and less likely to fade. You can use different colors of ink in your paintings to create colorful artwork. To make artworks more light and for better blending purposes Isopropyl Alcohol or Alcohol Blending Solution are also used. The Isopropyl Alcohol solution gives matte finish, and so to finish up with shine, Claro Extender is used. You can check here more colorful ink work.
The acrylic paint are generally used for portrait works. Indeed it is known as Photorealism color. It depicts the exact picture of the object or real scene. That's why acrylic paintings can be copy or reproduce unlike the ink paintings.

In opposition, The artist's sudden inspiration after viewing any beautiful scenery is represented in the Ink painting technique, which does not place a high value on a precise depiction of a real scene or object. As a result, it is difficult to copy or reproduce this type of painting. This painting often feature trees, flowers, landscapes, animals, birds and people.
Acrylic Paint have the ability to bond to many different surfaces, and mediums can be used to modify their binding characteristics. Acrylics can be used on paper, canvas, and a range of other materials. Acrylic painting on canvas are the most popular painting ideas for most artists. Check here some popular acrylic on canvas paintings.

Not only that, acrylic is a type of polymer that derived from petroleum and natural gas and is completely inert in its solid state, which does not yellow in sunlight. Sunlight, particularly ultraviolet radiation, is harmful to most plastics, but not acrylic. Therefore, the acrylic colors are best suitable for screen printing. Acrylic Fabric Paints is the widely used as screen printing color.

Although, The best surfaces for ink painting are those that are water-resistant and don't tear when blending. Papers, ceramics, clay boards, ink stones, and other surfaces are commonly used for ink painting. Ink painting paper, such as Xuan paper, is widely used and popular because of its high tensile strength, smooth surface, pure and clean texture, and clean stroke, as well as its resistance to wrinkle, corrosion, moth, and mold.

You will be surprised to know that Indian Ink is used for microbiological experiments also. Microbiologists stain a slide with microorganisms with India ink. The background is discolored, but the creatures are not. This is known as a negative stain. India ink and other stains can be used to determine whether or not a cell has a gelatinous capsule.
Acrylic color is found in different forms like liquid, gel or paste etc. Acrylics may be used to create effects that imitate watercolors and other water-based mediums when applied in thin layers or washes. Gel and moulding paste are occasionally used to produce paintings with relief elements, and they can also be used to construct thick layers of paint. In contrast to other paints, acrylic paint dried up very rapidly, thus the artist must be skilled enough to paint his idea as soon as possible. Additionally, because acrylic paint dries quickly, it may be dried on a palette before being applied to a canvas.

Instead, Indian Ink is found as liquid form and sticks form same as charcoal stick. Like others types of paintings, the Ink Painting or Indian Ink Painting may faded due to the effect of environmental factors, but that can be resist by using sealant with UV protection, which helps to prevent the damage and keep paintings bright and colorful. By varying the density of the ink, ink paint techniques can achieve a variety of tones and shades.Although ink painting is unique and provides various advantages, once a stroke has been drawn, it cannot be modified or erased. As a result, ink painters spend years improving their brush movement and ink flow by practicing basic brush strokes. As a result, ink and wash painting is a technically challenging art style that needs a high level of expertise, focus, and years of practice.
Acrylics are generally quite safe to use when used properly. Because they are water-based, they are simple to clean with soap and water and do not require the use of any hazardous cleaning agents. But some acrylic paint is not environment friendly, because it contains ingredients like propylene glycol which are harmful to the environment but not to people. Similarly Acrylic paints are vegan because they are manufactured with pigment and acrylic polymer resin (except that contains ivory black PBk9).

Yet, Whether Indian Ink is poisonous or not is a matter of debate. However, Indian Ink should never be used for tattooing or on the skin. Additionally, shellac binder is included in modern Indian ink pigments to provide water resistance. The fact that the shellac binder is an animal product leads us to the conclusion that contemporary Indian ink is not vegan-friendly, but that the traditional ink, which is made from soot.
Origin of Acrylic Paint, more on acrylic paint and acrylic painting.Credit to @ratumoni
Acrylic Painting
Indian Ink, Ink Painting Origin and Ideas for ArtistsCredit to @forid
Indian Ink Painting

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