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Difference Between Tempera and Oil Paint

Long before modern oil paints, a water-soluble, fast-drying painting medium called tempera was used. Ancient Egypt made extensive use of tempera, a water-soluble paint medium that uses egg yolk as a binder for the color pigments. It's a durable painting medium.
This Painting is also known as egg tempera. can be traced back to the 1st century BC, when it was used to decorate Egyptian sarcophagi. This paint was used to create high-quality art in Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh, India, from the late fourth to the tenth centuries. It is also used by artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Duccio, and Carlo Crivelli in the majority of their artworks.

On the other hand, Oil paint is a kind of paint that dries slowly and is composed of pigment particles suspended in a drying oil, usually linseed oil. Most painters worldwide favour oil painting, which is one of the most popular painting techniques.
Oil paint was invented long ago. Oil paints were first used in Asia as early as the 7th century AD. The oldest known oil paintings are Buddhist murals created almost at 650 AD. The paintings are created by walnut and poppy seed oils. The paintings are located in cave-like rooms carved from the cliffs of Bamiyan Valley of Afghanistan. Later it was used by most famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso.
Egg yolk serves as the primary binder in tempera paintings, which are made of a media typically lasts for a very long time. However, synthetic binders that are the same viscosity as egg yolk are now also used. To manufacture paint in the past, an egg yolk was proportionately mixed with color pigments (powder). To make the paint stickier, milk and various plant gums have also been added sometimes.

On the contrary, Color pigments are combined with drying oils like poppy seed oil, walnut oil, linseed oil, safflower oil, etc. to make oil paint. A solvent like turpentine or white spirit can be added to the paint to change its viscosity, and varnish can be added to the cured oil paint coating to make it more glossy.
Utilising viscous mediums like egg yolk gives the artwork a more creamy appearance, enabling artists to paint on canvas with smooth strokes that contribute to a consistent painting. This paint sets up quickly. It can be applied in thin, translucent, or semi-opaque layers.

But, The artist can achieve a wide variety of opacity and intensity in their work with oil paint. It enables you to layer various colors and combine them to create beautiful works of art. Additionally, an artist can create a work gradually and make modifications or corrections with ease because oil paint dries slowly.
Tempera adheres best to absorbent surfaces that have a lower oil content than the tempera binder used. The best thing about the paints is that the color of the paint does not change over time. Rather, oil paints darken, turn yellow, and become transparent with age.

In opposition, Due to its robust qualities and vibrant colors, oil paint can be used on wood and metal in both indoor and outdoor settings. Due to its characteristics of delayed drying, it has recently been used in paint-on-glass animation.
Traditionally, wooden panels were the primary surface for tempera painting, but today, uncured Masonite or medium density fiberboard can also be utilized. Furthermore, some artists utilize thick, heavy paper for the paint.

Although, Oil paint has the capacity to stick to a variety of surfaces, and mediums can be employed to change this ability. Canvas, tempera, wood, glass, and a variety of other materials can all be painted with oil paints.
A smooth matte texture with more color saturation is achieved by tempera paintings. As it allows for the use of cross hatching technique with a variety of brush sizes, it can be utilised for artwork that is more exact. Egg tempera is not waterproof but is water-resistant. Thus, it is impossible to directly store the paintings created using paint. Additionally, the painting is not adaptable. For this, a highly hard board is utilised, and only a very thin layer of paint should be employed. Nowadays, a second layer of translucent liquids such cellulose lecquor is applied to paint to increase its durability over time.

Instead, Oil paints blend easily, allowing the creation of various light and shadow effects as well as slight color shifts. Turpentine or other thinning chemicals can be used to thin oil paintings so that artists can layer their creations.
Professional artists employ oil paints that are made and developed to withstand chemical reactions brought on by exposure to water, ultraviolet light, and oxidation.
Two types of tempera paint are available, some of which are toxic and some of which are not. It should be kept in mind whether the type of paint is appropriate for the artwork and should be purchased even though most tempera paints are non-toxic because they are typically water soluble. On the other hand, tempera paint is obviously not vegan because Egg Yoke is its primary ingredient.

Yet, Despite the fact that oil paints are non-toxic, it is not advisable to apply them directly to the skin because certain of the pigments may be poisonous. The oil paint could irritate your skin if it gets on it. Usage specific face paints instead of oil paints, which are not intended for this use.
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Publish Date: 12/12/2021
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